Friday, August 16:
Recovery, lifting.
ME box squats @ 253#, failed @ 264#
Deadlifts felt heavy @ 315#
Copious GHD & Reverse-Hyper work

Saturday, August 17:
Standing kilo’s after +20min warmup (including shortened F200m efforts)
Did the 1K TT on aerobars, first effort was 1:23
Important to note that the Penrose 1K track record is 1:13, and racers usually go 8-10sec faster on “real” tracks.

Sunday, August 18:
2 sets of 3x F500m/1min, 20min warmup and 15min between sets. Excruciating but I crave these sorts of sessions and almost wanted to do another one.


5x :15 downhill sprints
200W otherwise, 60min total

Gearing @ 50×12 – 50×14, seemed most successful in taller gears. Peaked out @ 1162W, higher than expected given the circumstances.

3x :20 uphill drag sprints
+10min recovery, 60min overall.

1st @ 50×15
2nd @ 50×15
3rd @ 50×14

Peak 2sec = 1014, 5sec = 1002, 10sec = 966, 20sec = 906 (avg 96rpm, max 113) and then peak 30sec = 709 without even trying. Eh? WTF.
Pleased with the numbers overall, given that I think it’s my best CP20sec wattage, and it’s higher than my last tested CP30sec despite not even making a full 30-second effort.

Change of focus; now a track cyclist

Started racing track in May 2012, haven’t touched the blog much since then. Will now document workouts here as I work under the direction of Xavier Disley, who works with Ric Stern in the UK. Could not have asked for a better, more attentive, and freakishly knowledgable coach! Extremely scientific without being irrationally ruled by data.

Tuesday, August 13:
Weights, DE squat @ 165#, single-leg press @ sled+100#, RDLs for low-back rehab

Ride, 60min @ 200W

Most training activity can be found on now:

I’ll post lifting when I remember to.

Wednesday, November 7 2012:

Indoor trainer, 45min


Tuesday, November 6 2012:

Indoor trainer, 45min

Deadlift, 3×3 @ 170kg + jumps
Push press, 2×3 @ 77kg


Monday, November 5 2012:

Indoor trainer, 60min

Sunday, November 4 2012:

“Virgins” Cyclocross Race @ Sylvan Springs, first place (~37min)


Saturday, November 3 2012:

Cyclocross practice course at Forest Park, 60min

Deadlift, 2x @ 180kg, 3x @ 160kg + jumps
Pullups on rings, L-sit on rings


Friday, November 2 2012:

Road bike, Forest Park, 60min + sprints 3x 70m/4 (fastest in 50/15) 

Thursday, November 1 2012:

Road bike, Forest Park, 60min easy pace

Deadlift, 2×2 @ 177.5kg, 5x @ 160kg + depth jumps
Push press, 3×3 @ 75kg
L-sit on rings


Wednesday, October 31 2012:

Road bike, Forest Park, 60min hard.

Road bike, 45min easy pace + 4x 40m/4 hard sprints

Monday, October 29 2012:

Road bike, Forest Park, 60min — sprint practice. 5x 80m/4

Deadlift, 2×3 @ 170kg + broad jumps
Push press, 2×3 @ 70kg


Sunday, October 28 2012:

5 mile trail run, slow.

Saturday, October 27 2012:

Road bike, west county area, 100min easy pace, very windy.

Later: Deadlift, 2×2 @ 175kg, 5x @ 157kg + jumps Push press, 3x @ 70kg, 5x @ 64kg


Friday, October 26 2012:

Road bike, Forest Park, 75min easy pace


Thursday, October 25 2012:

Deadlift, 2×2 @ 172kg, 5x @ 155kg + jumps